FACE2face is the title of a format juxtaposing new music with artists and personalities from the most diverse disciplines. Where contemporary art is at home, we seek a lively dialog with time for discussion and concert experience.

Under the name Digital_Contemporary, the reception of new music mixes with new media and „mixed reality“. This leads out of the established halls of classical concerts. Into nature, into free landscape. We deal with the culture of memory of rural communities, search for the „sound of homeland“ and approach musical contrasts.

Under the title The Inner Voice, listeners can enter into a dialogue with contemporary music, art and church. The latest works with premieres and first performances will be placed in a context of music from other eras. In this way the sound experiences shift the acoustic perspectives against each other. In addition, the often extraordinary architecture of even the smallest church rooms is put in relation to universal cultural contexts of life. This stimulates reflection and conversation.


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