„The founding of a new series of events is always associated with excitement, anticipation and departure. But the beginning of Code Modern is not only the relocation of conventional festival concepts to the southern Bavarian region. The founders want to break new ground, to include the specific landscape into the program, as well as the existing rich art and cultural scene on site.

Code Modern brings contemporary music to young people and die-hard concert goers alike. And since it is the seasons that significantly shape the country and its people, customs and traditions, Code Modern wants to be a festival that is present in the region every season of the year!

The risk of launching this new music event is a positive signal for all of us, especially after the turbulent year 2020, which has been such a busy one for culture lovers and creators. But it goes on, new things are created. Now we appreciate this all the more.

Is there anything more beautiful than inspiring people with music or enlivening interpersonal discourse through music? I am very happy about the Code Modern initiative and wish everyone in front of and behind the scenes wonderful moments, delightful discoveries and inspiring concerts“.

Carolin Widmann (Violinist)