Code Modern is the name of a new regional event for contemporary music. It sees itself as a forum for the mediation and „decoding“ of contemporary works in the rural area of southern Bavaria – outside the „culture bubbles“ of large metropolises.

The idea is to establish interdisciplinary relations in the region to enable cultural encounters between music, art and dialogue. In addition, a growing international artistic exchange in the context of seasonally linked traditions and customs is to be created.

Following an annually changing motto (#cmf_2021), participatory and mediating event formats several times a year at both well-known and new venues offer every interested guest the opportunity to experience the music of our time in its many and varied forms, or even to get to know it for the first time.

We expect to see fresh, contemporary program series, workshops and activities that are by no means only aimed at experienced concert goers or new music hardliners, but that also invite young people and vacation guests from the regions – i.e. a different, mixed-age audience – to actively participate.


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